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Rhythmic Essence Belly Dance Studio

Locations in Conover, NC USA and Casablanca, Morocco

2019 Class Offerings



Intermediate Level 2 6:00-7:00pm (Closed)

Intermediate Level 1 7:00-8:00pm (Closed)



Tribal Fusion / Saiidi / Hagallah
6:00-7:00pm (Int 1 and 2 Pre-Req) 

Moroccan Tray Dance / Milaya / Fellahin 7:00-8:00pm (Int 1 and 2 Pre-Req)

Troupe 8:00-8:30pm (Closed)

Yala Norqos! "Let's Go Dance!" Cardio Class

Coming Soon!

Launching of December 2019

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Class Offerings


Beginner & Intermediate Belly Dance

We are offering an 8-Week Beginner Belly Dance Course. Here is your chance to embark on a journey through this beautiful art form and to learn about women in other cultures.  Explore the basic moves and learn simple combinations, history of the dance, cultures and musicality.  We welcome you into a non-competitive environment with women of all shapes, sizes and ages.  No previous dance experience required; only a respectful, open mind and heart is needed.  Everyone is welcome…..Our motto is, “A Unity in Dance.” 

Cost for the 8-week course is $75 per person. 


Moroccan Dance

Chaabi is a common term for popular Arabic music.  It is usually sung in Arabic or Moroccan Arabic (Darija).  Chaabi style is commonly performed at celebrations such as aars (weddings), sbouaa (baby naming ceremony, moussems (festivals) and home parties.  

The Chikhat are female dancers who perform at events such as weddings, birth ceremonies and henna parties.  At these events the women dance to live music with fellow female friends and family in celebration.  Historically, the Chikhat are sometimes seen as risque by most Moroccans due to a modest society.  This stigma is derived from the sensual movements of the Chikhat which involve earthy steps, hip centered shimmies, elegant hair tossing and body undulations.

A takchita is the traditional Moroccan women's caftan (gown) that is worn for celebrations and at weddings. It is composed of two pieces.  The first layer is called a "Tahtia.”  It is not ornately decorated fabric and is the underdress.  The "Dfina" and a more elaborate over-dress that buttons up the front.

West African drumming typically consists of polyrhythms.  These rhythms are played by a group of drummers who play different beats at the same time sequence.  These are conflicting rhythms that create a musical tension.  The most basic rhythm is: Tek Tek Tek Doum


Indian Dance

Bollywood dance is the dance form seen in Indian films.  It is a mixture of numerous styles of dance including belly dancing, kathak, Indian folk, Western and modern jazz. Bhangra style dance is the dance style that originated from the Punjab region of India. Bhangra has a very energetic and lively tone.  We typically choose popular songs from Indian Bollywood films and create fusion routines.