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Rhythmic Essence Belly Dance Studio

Locations in Conover, NC USA and Casablanca, Morocco

Meet Fatima - Owner & Instructor


The Start of a New Journey

Fatima has been belly dancing since 2000.  She started by attending weekend workshops where she learned a variety of mid-east dance styles. She soon incorporated the moves into her aerobics classes she actively taught.  The more she studied, the more she focused on mid-east dance and decided to make it her full repertoire.  In 2003, Rhythmic Essence was started in her basement with 10 girls.  Over the years, Rhythmic Essence has grown into a thriving studio.  


Certifications and Honors

Fatima is a member of an international organization called Middle Eastern Dance Leaders Society (MEDLS).  She was honored by being named Belly Dancer of the Month for August 2007.  Fatima received her American Tribal Style General Skills Certificate in October 2007 from the founder of ATS dance, Carolena Nericcio, also founder/leader of the popular FatChanceBellyDance. In June 2009, she was awarded MEDLS "Star Belly Dance Teacher of the Year."  MEDLS is dedicated to preserving cultures of the world;  retaining heritage, contributing to a better understanding of other cultures, enhancing communication, respect, and peace among the peoples of the world.  MEDLS was founded by Amara Al Amir. In 2011, she successfully completed Keti Sharif's international A-Z Original Personal Techniques Course and in October of 2011, she was one of 8 girls chosen to appear in Keti Sharif's Pulse8 Belly Dance Fitness DVD series. In June of 2012, she was featured in Keti Sharif's latest choreography DVD featuring 30 belly dancer instructors world-wide.  In November 2018, Fatima spent time in Cairo, Egypt studying musicality with Keti Sharif on the "Musical Heart of Egypt" tour.  She is currently in the year long Master Teacher program with A-Z Belly Dance and is due completion in November 2019.

Dance Mentors

Keti Sharif - EGYPT


Farida Fahmy Lectures - Egypt