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Rhythmic Essence Belly Dance Studio

Locations in Conover, NC USA and Casablanca, Morocco


Resources For Your Dance Journey

I have put together a condensed list of resources that will be helpful for the beginning dance student. I wish you all the best on your dance journey!

Common Dance Movement Categories
1.) Circular
2.) Infinity Loops (Figure of 8's)
3.) Staccato (lifts, drops, thrusts, etc.)
4.) Undulations (snake-like movements)
5.) Vibrations (shimmies)
6.) Traveling Steps
7.) Turns

Classic Middle Eastern Dance Music
1.) "The Masters of Belly Dance Music" (CD) iTunes
2.) Hossam Ramzy CD'S
3.) Oum Kalthom songs
4.) Abdel Halim Hafiz songs
5.) Nourhan Sharif CD'S
6.) Keti Sharif CD's

Common Arabic Rhythms
D Dum (clear low tone)
T Tek (high crisp tone)

1.) Masmoudi 8/4
"Doum Doum Doum Tek Doummmmm Tek Tek”.
2.) Shiftitelli 8/4
"Doum Tek Tek Doum Doum Tek”.
3.) Balady 4/4
"Doum Doum Tek Doum Tek."
4.) Saiidi 4/4
"Doum Tek Doum Doum Tek”
5.) Maqsum 4/4
"Doum Tek Tek Doum Tek”
6.) Malfuf 2/4
"Doum Tek Tek , Doum Tek Tek.......".

Helpful Links
1.) Shira www.shira.net
2.) Rhythms: https://threewinds.wordpress.com/about/
3.) Rhythms: http://www.khafif.com/rhy/rhythm.html
4.) Joy of Belly Dancing: http://www.joyofbellydancing.com/bdresources2.htm
5.) Reda Troupe: www.faridafahmy.com
6.) Keti: www.ketisharif.com

7.)  Sahra Saeeda http://journeythroughegypt.com/

8.)  Vanessa of Cairo https://www.vanessaraqs.com/

9.) Yasmina of Cairo http://www.yasminaofcairo.com/

10.) Morocco https://www.casbahdance.org/

11.) Dina Queen of Cairo https://www.instagram.com/dinadancerofficial/?hl=en

12.) Famous Egyptian Dancers https://www.sharqidance.com/blog/belly-dance-history-a-timeline-of-egypts-biggest-stars

13.) Joanna Saahira of Cairo www.joanasaahirahworld.com

Dance Costuming & Class Wear Sites
Below are the sites I use and recommend. Beware of some dance sites as the costuming is not authentic and the quality/sizing is poor.
1.) www.bellydancestore.com 

2.) www.dahlal.com
3.) www.sharifwear.com
4.) www.moondancebellydance.com
5.) www.thebellydanceshop.com
6.) Belly Stockings: https://www.bellystockings.com/?currency=USD
7.) Zills: https://www.saroyancymbals.com/store/welcome-to-saroyan-mastercrafts/nefertiti-mc-100/
8.) Dance socks: https://www.shashionline.com/classic.html

9.) Pharaonix of Egypt www.pharaonixofegypt.com

10.) Shopping in Cairo Guide https://www.meissoun.ch/e-kairo.html

Dancing on the Scarabee Boat - 2018, Nile River, Egypt

Dancing on the Scarabee Boat - 2018, Nile River, Egypt